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Taga Harmony Azure v.2 S-40 soodushind −20%
Taga Harmony Azure v.2 S-40
Vana hind: 89.00
Soodushind: 72.00


DAC Taga Harmony DA-300 v3.

must Taga Harmony DA-300 v3. must
Hind: 285.00 Soodushind: 199.00
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Märgista toode
Väike aga väga võimekas digitaal-analoog konverter. Hinnalt-kvaliteedi suhtelt parim lahendus millega saad nautida kõrgemal tasemel heli. Sees ESS Sabre Reference klassi 32bit / 384kHz töötlusega DAC-i kiip mis tavaliselt kasutuses vaid tippklassi CD mängijate ja muusikaesitajate juures. See on soodne ja suure sammuga helisüsteemi ˝upgrade˝ mis võimaldab nii arvutist, TV-st kui CD- DVD- Bluray mängijatest saada kätte kõrgema kvaliteediga heli.

●   32bit / 384kHz PCM, DSD USB-DAC - ESS Sabre32 Reference ES9018K2M

●   Patendeeritud sünkroniseerimise lahendus - Jitter Eliminator ja SA9227 kiip

●   3 sisendit: USB, Optical, Coaxial

●   RCA stereo väljund

●   Tugev ja paksust metallist korpus

The powerful, slim and elegant piece of art delivering best music directly from your digital source!

The 3rd version is a miniature Digital-Analog Converter, which converts digital audio signal from any digital source to high class analog audio with clearer, richer and more powerful sound.

It allows to connect a range of digital source devices via one of 3 digital inputs (USB, Optical and Coaxial) and a built-in reference high-resolution 32bit / 384kHz PCM, DSD USB-DAC (ESS Sabre32 Reference ES9018K2M with patented Time Domain Jitter Eliminator and SA9227 chip) will always provide the best sound performance. The USB DAC input is a perfect choice for playing digital music from computers, music servers or compatible smartphones.

Analog output with high-end solid machined brass RCA sockets ensures the best signal transfer.

DA-300 v.3 offers stunning sound performance embedded in a very rigid and luxurious steel-aluminum casing.

Thanks to its small dimensions it can be easily added to any audio system, a computer or a video game console – it can be almost “invisible” but can change your digital music to a thrilling music experience.


Sound Quality 5/5, Value for Money 5/5

“Taga Harmony DA-300 v.3 should be considered a very good construction, which should fully meet the needs of people who want to improve the sound quality of their system. The advantage of the DA-300 v.3 is also the versatility - this external converter can be used with various systems and devices. In addition, its small size makes that we can find a place for it anywhere.”

You know what? We have tested many devices of this type so far and taking into account the price factor it looks like we will make friends with this device for longer.

“The latest Taga Harmony DA-300 v.3 converter proves one thing. One does not have to spend a fortune on audio devices to give us a lot of fun from listening to music. Secondly. The entire system is responsible for the final effect. All devices have to form one whole. The DA-300 V.3 converter can be described as a small volcano of energy. Looking at it, it's hard to imagine that something so small can reproduce music on such a scale. Some time ago we had a similar impression while listening to tiny devices made in England. Small but with a big heart for music. And that's exactly what Taga DA-300 v.3 is all about. Based on our own experience, a change of power supply will bring a good deal in such a device and we decided to convince ourselves about that ... The device stays with us at the AMF editorial office.”

The designers managed to achieve a truly astounding level of details without side effects. In that aspect Taga DA-300 was the best affordable converter which we have tested.

Taga managed to develop a very affordable device which avoids a trap of many budget components. This small DAC sounds with surprising resolution and details, but not with clatter nor surgically. The sound - despite a slightly withdrawn midrange - is very coherent and consistent. The transducer plays brightly, lightly, clearly, with good dynamics and speed, the sounds are not greasy and slow. A mild dryness in the mids is compensated by sound spatiality which is phenomenal for that price level. Such a space is really something! Taga DA-300 is a very interesting offer for those who want to start their journey into listening digital files and for people who want to improve the sound of their a DVD, BlueRay or an affordable CD player. Recommended.”

Tehnilised andmed:
ESS Sabre ES9018K2M koos SA9227 kiibiga
USB signaali toetus:
Asünkroonne 32bit / 384kHz
PCM 192kHz; 352.8kHz; 384KHz
DSDx64 (2.8Mhz); DSDx128 (5.6MHz); DSDx256 (11.2MHz)
Optilise / Coaxial signaali toetus:
Asünkroonne 24bit / 192kHz
USB arvutiga ühendus
Optiline digitaalne helisisend
Coaxial digitaalne helisisend
Stereo RCA heliväljund
15Hz - 30kHz
Signaali-müra suhe:
129dB (A-Weighted)
Harmooniline moonutus:
Dünaamiline ulatus:
DC vooluadapter
USB kaabel
Optiline kaabel
RCA kaabel
Voolu võimsustarve:
54 x 113 x 113 mm
Kaal: 0.7 kg.
Garantii: Pretensioonide esitamise aeg - 2 aastat

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Tootja: Taga Harmony


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Vinüülplaadi mängija
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Sennheiser HD 450BT Wireless soodushind −16%
Bluetooth kõrvaklapid
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