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Taga Harmony Platinum SLIM S-90 SL soodushind −19%
Taga Harmony Platinum SLIM S-90 SL
Vana hind: 98.00
Soodushind: 79.90


Põrandakõlar Taga Harmony TAV-616F

pähkel Taga Harmony TAV-616F pähkel
Hind: 259.00 /tk.
Kogus: /tk.
tamm Taga Harmony TAV-616F tamm
Hind: 259.00 /tk.
Kogus: /tk.
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Märgista toode
TAV-616 seeria põrandakõlar.

TAV-616 seeria baseerub palju auhindu võitnud ja väga populaarsel TAV-606 seerial ja on edasiaredus sellest - paremad valjuhääldid, paksem korpus, uus filter jne. mis kokku annab veelgi parema heli ja hinna-kvaliteedi suhte.

The TAV-616F speakers are based on TAV-606 technology with enhanced dynamic range and sound stage imaging to meet demand of premium multi-channel and stereo systems.

Key features:

●   TLIE (Taga Low Interference Enclosure) – new elegant enclosures are now even more rigid and neutral to vibrations and colorization. The increased MDF walls thickness compared to the TAV-606F: from 12 mm to 15 mm (plus 18 mm thick front panel).

●   Increased cabinet dimensions provide bigger internal volume and acoustic pressure reflecting in higher dynamics and lower bass;

●   Revised woofers and mid-woofers cones – now lighter with a higher SPL and faster, more accurate cone movement to quickly react to changes in dynamic sound passages;

●   New decorative pure aluminum trim rings to enhance sound dispersion.

The new TAV-616F speakers are dedicated for demanding home-theatre enthusiasts, who look for the best sound performance in their multi-channel systems as well as still love to enjoy hi-fi stereo sound.

TAV-616 series technology:


TLIE – Taga Low Interference Enclosures are made of high-quality thick PVC coated MDF boards (Front speaker: 15 mm full cabinet with an extra 21 mm high gloss gloss black front panel. Center and Surrounds speakers: 12 mm full cabinets with an extra 15 mm thick high gloss black front panel) to increase stiffness and limit any unwanted resonances. The front speaker has additional inside braces made of 9 mm MDF boards.

The shapes are perfectly crafted not only to look wonderful and modern but mainly to lower any unwanted vibrations, diffractions or turbulences, which can affect the sound performance. Acoustical damping material used inside cabinets eliminates problem of internal standing waves and bass-reflex ports are uniquely designed to reduce distortions to minimum.

The floorstanding model sits on solid spikes that provides stability and good isolation of speaker from the floor.


Rigid and ultra-light yellow glass fiber cone with the elastic rubber suspension can move very fast and frequently allowing mid-range frequencies to be very rich, spacious and sweet. Heavy duty voice coil and 80mm magnet can stand high temperatures and power inputs. The dust cap in the form of bullet improves dispersion at higher range of mid frequencies. Pure aluminum trim ring helps further dispersion of played frequencies.


Bass / midrange drivers utilizing polypropylene cones, big magnet structures (90mm in F and 80mm in C/S) and heavy duty voice coils and coil formers for increased power handling, can play deep, precise and detailed bass performance and mid-range frequencies are very rich, spacious and sweet.

Pure aluminum trim ring helps further dispersion of played frequencies.

The checkered structure of the cone helps to lower the intermodulation distortion.


Bassreflex Omnidirectional Module - low-turbulence and high-velocity ports utilizing concave diffusers for increased dispersion of low frequencies. Ports are rubber coated for more luxurious look and to provide even better effect on a sound performance.


High quality, close-tolerance and precisely selected crossovers’ components and internal wires for absolute sound neutrality, high long-term power and reliability.


TAGA Harmony utilizes high purity oxygen free copper OFC for internal wiring connecting crossovers with drivers assuring that incoming audio signals from receiver or amplifier will not lose any important details on the paths to drivers.


All speakers (including center and surround speakers) use high quality, gold-platted banana binding posts accepting raw speaker cables up to 10AWG and most popular types of connectors.

The front speakers use upgraded, high-end banana binding posts allowing bi-wiring for wider dispersions and spaciousness, higher sonic accuracy and more precise location. The terminal box is rubber coated for more luxurious look.


AUDIOMUZO FANS - it will be hard to find a worthy competitor for the price we have to pay for the speakers.

The first thing which strikes you is the fact that the speakers are playing a lively, dynamic sound and are building decent sound space, what confirms our belief that it will be hard to find a worthy competitor for the price we have to pay for the speakers...

...we get a product that can aspire to the higher price range in terms of workmanship and sound quality. By utilizing its proprietary components for building up the tested TAV-616F speakers, Taga Harmony can offer an affordable product, which not only looks nice and greatly fits in two and multichannel systems, but also offers the energetic sound which no doubt will strike a chord with a wide bunch of music lovers without destroying the household budget.

STEREO & KOLOROWO - In its class, complete revelation.

...So I can honestly say that Taga Harmony represents more than a usual level of price / quality / performance / sound grade ratio. The speakers of this brand do not only characterize with cherished construction, high quality components used for building them, but most of all the healthy and genuine sound far beyond their price levels

...The TAV-616F are excellently designed and well-built with outstanding (own production) components. They offer solid, well-engineered sound with the beautiful stretch, pretty good dynamics and, importantly, the extensive space. This advanced design - although budget, is extremely well thought out and refined. In its class, complete revelation.

Tehnilised andmed:
3 riba / 4 elementi
Bass Reflex
Bi-Wiring valmidus
Soovitatav võimendi võimsus:
36 - 25 000 Hz
6 oomi
91 dB
1 x 25 mm kõrgsagedus + TWG peegeldusplaat
1 x 165mm kesksagedus
2 x 165mm madalsagedus
Filtri lõikesagedus:
470 Hz
3000 Hz
MDF 15mm + 18mm esipaneel
980 x 230 x 280 mm
Kaal: 17.15 kg.
Garantii: Pretensioonide esitamise aeg - 2 aastat

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Tootja: Taga Harmony


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Taga Harmony Platinum v.3 kõlarid



Sennheiser MX 70 SPORT soodushind −37%
Sennheiser MX 70 SPORT
Vana hind: 27.80
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