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Sennheiser PMX 686G SPORTS soodushind −13%
Sennheiser PMX 686G SPORTS
Vana hind: 102.00
Soodushind: 89.00


Kõlarikaabel Taga Harmony Platinum 18-16C (OFC, 2 x 2.5m)

 Taga Harmony Platinum 18-16C (OFC, 2 x 2.5m)
Hind: 140.00 /paar
Kogus: /paar
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Märgista toode
Kvaliteetne kõlarikaabel Platinum-18 mis on loodud Hi-Res stereo ja kodukinosüsteemidesse. Spetsiaalne 16 kiuga (8+8) punutud lahendus, millel on parimad signaaliedastamise omadused.

●   Koosneb 16 punutud soonest (8 soont x 18 AWG (1.2mm) + 8 soont x 18 AWG (1.2mm)

●   Igas soones 16 peenikest kiudu

●   99.99% OFC hapnikuvaba vask

●   HDPE dielektriline isolatsioon

●   PVC kate

●   Komplektis 2 x 2.5m. pikkust valmiskaablit.

●   Kaasas kott

The Platinum speaker cable is designed for use in high-end hi-fi and home theatre systems.

Its braided construction has no surface or center and frequency-related phase shift is effectively canceled. Different frequencies signals are distributed through different paths so the internal disruptions are greatly reduced as well as losses in high registers are limited.

The sound is very transparent and natural in higher and mid frequencies as well as dynamic and extended in a bass section.


´´After connecting the cable, the presentation of the low frequencies has gained a lot. The amount of the bass increased. You could hear that it is sounding better and more deeply. The structure of the low registers has improved, they are becoming more complex, less single-dimensional and a ´´rubber-like´´. I really enjoy when the bass provides rich structure and not only the power…

It is not so easy to find the breakthrough in the highs, but I have to admit that their timbre was very well controlled and it seemed they gained on clarity.

The cable is not cutting even a single tone of its highest frequencies in contradiction to many low-end products…

TAGA Harmony Platinum-18 likes complicated, multi-thread material, which contains the whole range of frequencies. It is then when the cable shows its capabilities.  Even throughout the most dynamic and demanding parts of recordings it is not a bottleneck for the sound system. It is the other way around! It helps to squeeze the possible maximum out of your audio system. The TAGA product impressed me in moments when so much was happening in the musically excellent song School by Supertramp. The Platinum-18 was not losing its spirit, the separation of instruments was outstanding, the amount of space among them was very large…

On one hand the low frequencies were firmly kept in their place, not disrupting the remaining message, on the other hand they were dispersed throughout the whole scene, had a huge depth, which I had never heard in this song before.

For such moments it is worth to get interested in the TAGA Harmony Platinum-18 speaker cable.´´

The Platinum-18 provides a definitely good (at that price level) sound. Above all, the sound transmission is physiologically clean and natural in its high and medium ranges

Moreover, as it seems, that well-designed architecture delivers dynamic and extended bass.

It can be described that the overall sound experience is more than well composed and artistically presented.

It is the natural and quite analytical sound which is harmonious and musical. Actually unbelievably good considering the current price…

The ratio of  workmanship to sound quality is very good, and tested cables deserve a high score and applause for their reasonably calculated price.´´

Tehnilised andmed:
Kaabli materjal:
OFC hapnikuvaba vask
16 x 18 AWG (8 + 8 soont)
2 kaablit
2 x 2.5m
Garantii: Pretensioonide esitamise aeg - 2 aastat

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Tootja: Taga Harmony


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Heco Aurora 300 soodushind −6%
Heco Aurora 300
Vana hind: 175.00
Soodushind: 165.00

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Dali Oberon 5 soodushind −7%
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